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News Release

Understanding Trauma and Dealing with Discloures Workshops

Kia ora Women’s Support Motueka supporters and friends. Last year we ran our first full ‘Understanding Trauma and Dealing with Disclosures’ workshop programme, which consisted of six hours of education over three nights. A disclosure is when someone tells you they have been harmed.

The workshops covered:

  1. Disclosures and how family violence affects people differently.
  2. How trauma affects the brain and how symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) present in people who have been harmed.
  3. To keep everyone safe, we discussed how to create and respect boundaries with the person who disclosed and why these boundaries are so important.
  4. How to refer people on for further support.

Our workshops were attended by several different community connectors who have said our training has been essential to their work. Our workshops are aimed at anyone in the community who would benefit from knowing how to handle disclosures of harm. People who could benefit are social service providers, hairdressers/barbers, bartenders, WINZ case managers, students, social workers, teachers/educators (ECE, primary, secondary, and tertiary), medical professionals (Nurses, GPS, Pharmacists, Hospital staff and Midwives), support staff, community workers, religious leaders, police, lawyers, and of course the general public (friends and whānau are often the first to be disclosed to). Anyone who is interested is welcome to join!

The workshops provided a safe environment for our participants to ask questions and practice scenarios related to disclosures of harm. In addition, our participants left with a 40-page workbook containing all relevant information from the workshops with a ‘go to’ page where the most crucial referral information is located. The ‘go to’ pages reduce the stress of receiving a disclosure and allow the participants to focus on what is most important, helping the distressed person.

Here’s some of the feedback we received from participants:

“The Dealing with Disclosures course was fantastic! I have attended other training on this topic in the past and the other providers truly only scraped the surface of this sensitive and serious subject matter. WSM has put together a comprehensive course that covers much more detail than any others I’ve been to.

“The sensitive way the topic was presented and the tools that were used, in the form of videos, in-depth workbook and open discussion, made a triggering subject easy to work through and retain. I have learnt so much about myself and the world around me, would recommend to anyone, not just community workers

“I have and would recommend this training to anyone who is working in the social services sector. Excellent knowledge to have in our kete.”

– Workshop Participants 2022

We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our participants who want more workshops in the future. WSM is proud to provide this service to our community and looks forward to holding more in 2023. Thank you all for your ongoing support and keep an eye out for our next round of disclosure workshops soon by checking our website and our Facebook and Instagram pages

Ngā mihi!

Mikayla Cahill ~ Community Engagement Coordinator


Phone: 03-528-8161


Women’s Adventure Therapy Workshop

Women’s Support Motueka has teamed up with Canyoning Aotearoa to run an Adventure Therapy Workshop for Women. This one-day workshop, repeated over two days will cover how to wear a harness, clip into safety lines, and abseil down the side of a rock face.

This is followed by an optional day out in the Nelson Lakes National Park on a Canyoning Adventure into Hidden Falls Canyon. We will cross Lake Rotoiti by water taxi, walk 20 minutes through lush untouched native bush to the top of the canyon then jump, abseil and zipline down flowing waterfalls into crystal clear blue pools.   

This Adventure Therapy workshop will be run by a trained Counsellor and a Level 2 NZOIA (New Zealand Outdoor Instructors Association) Canyoning Instructor.

This workshop is focused on:

  • Feeling empowered
  • Building confidence
  • Emotional regulation
  • Pushing boundaries
  • Learning new rope skills
  • Feeling safe on an adventure
  • Connection to nature and the outdoors

Cost: Free!

Where: Meeting at Community House, Decks Reserve, Motueka.

When: Friday 25th November and/or Friday 2nd December.

Canyoning Day – To be confirmed – is optional.

Time: Meeting at 8:30am, to be back at Motueka around 4:30pm/5pm.

We will be aiming to keep this Workshop under eight women per day.

Did you know that most people don’t disclose incidences of violence or family harm to police? This means they are disclosing to the people around them: friends, colleagues, hairdressers, bartenders, or other community members.

To make sure these people are heard and understood, Women’s Support Motueka have created 3x two-hour workshops, aimed at anyone who would benefit from knowing how to delicately handle disclosures of family harm.

Come and learn how to respond to disclosures and how to create boundaries to keep everyone safe. You will gain the skills to safely refer people on for further support and how to find support for yourself as well. Open to anyone who would like to join. Great for anyone working in social services or any customer facing role.

The $100 ticket covers 3x two-hour workshops, a detailed workbook, a printed certificate upon completion and complementary tea, coffee, and biscuits while you learn! You will leave with a complete workbook which will provide a personal plan of action, many helpful resources and a ‘go to’ page where you can quickly find information to help someone who has disclosed to you.

Come along and learn how to make Motueka a safe place for people to disclose. If you have any questions, please contact the programme coordinator – Mikayla Cahill via email


Cost: $100 for three of two-hour workshops


In Bloom

Therapeutic Art Group

Come together with other women to share a journey of self-exploration. Art Therapy is a gentle way of tapping into our feelings. When words fail, getting creative can help us work through our problems and grow into the person we want to be.

This safe group is gently guided by a trained professional. It will help you:

  •         learn about yourself.
  •         get creative and express yourself.
  •         explore new ways to deal with life.
  •         connect with yourself and other people.
  •         be more in your life.
  •         be brave.

Cost: Free!

Where: Community House

Time: 2 hours, weekly, for 8 weeks

To keep this healing art group small and safe, each group has only 8 people. Please contact us on 03-528-8161 to register.